Simple Tips on How to Clean the Drains of Your Miami FL Home

Done with dinner?  While washing the dishes, you notice that the water is not draining out quickly. So, what would you do?   Most of us face this situation more than once in our lifetime. A clog is simple to clear if you know the main cause of the blockage.

So, begin the process by finding out the cause of the mess.  Follow the tips I wrote below on how to clean drains in your Dade County Florida home:

  • Use a plunger to clear the blockage. This will create a vacuum and if done with a lot of force, it would loosen up the blockage and allow the water to flow smoothly.
  • If the blockage is minor and not deep down the drain cover, simply wear your hand gloves, open the cover, and remove the gunk by your hand. I keep doing this regularly as a procedure to maintain my drains.
  • Another simple maintenance process that I use is to pour hot water once in a while. Trust me; this works wonders and will save you from encountering major blockages.
  • If you have some plumbing tools at home, then a drain snake could be used to unclog. However, you must have prior knowledge to use this tool correctly or you can always Google some videos and learn.
  • A clean drain will keep your home hygienic and free of bad odors. So, maintain your pipes properly and if you face a major issue then calling the professionals will be the best idea.

Can’t solve the problem? Call your trusted Miami FL professionals like Douglas Orr plumbing. They can visit your home anytime of the day to fix the clog efficiently.

Hot Water Leaking in the Bathroom of Your Miami FL Home? Read This Now!

Just imagine this scenario on a Monday morning: You are late for work and when you’re about to take a shower, you notice that you have hot water leaking from your shower! So you’re either stuck with using cold water or no bath at all.  Won’t this ruin your morning completely?

I will be really annoyed and I know that if I don’t act quickly to solve this leakage, then it might grow into a big issue. So, here are  tips I discovered:

  • Find the main reason for the outflow of water. It could either be because of the leak in the water heater or the geyser developing condensation and the water dripping out. Once you figure out the problem, then solving it is easy.
  • A crack in the pipe could be another reason for the water escaping and this can be resolved by applying M-seal or Seal-fix. These are adhesives that help in treating cracked pipes.
  • If there is a leak in the heater then close the supply of cold water to the geyser and switch off the power too.
  • Then, I would try to locate the main source of leak and call for a plumber.
  • The professional will be able to solve the problem quickly as I have already found the main cause for the outflow of hot water. If the leakage is really difficult to solve then I guess it’s time to buy a new geyser for the bathroom.

To save time and money, call only licensed local plumbers in Miami like Douglas Orr for all your water heater repairs and leaks.


The Miami FL Homeowner’s Guide to a Clogged Bathroom Sink

A clogged bathroom sink could be extremely annoying at times as the water drains out at a very slow or almost no rate at all.

Calling a your local Miami FL plumber could with your sink stoppages and residential plumbing. But, before you pick up that phone, try to learn some do-it-yourself techniques to clear the problem.

Listed below are some of the tips that could come handy while you try unclogging the bathroom sink:

  • You can try using de-clogging chemicals that are available in the market for clearing minor clogs. Allow the chemical to sit in the sink for few minutes before pouring plenty of water.
  • A plunger can be used for clearing the clog. Ensure that you apply a lot of pressure from the plunger to the sink.
  • For clearing simple stoppages, hot water can be a good option. Just drain half a bucket of hot water in the sink and the clog will vanish in no time. However, ensure that your drain pipes are not made up of plastic as hot water could damage them.
  • Using a drill snake or plumber’s snake can help you out too. Pour plenty of water in the drain to check if it is working well and is cleared of clogs.
  • Soap residue and hair are the main reasons for some bathroom sink stoppages. You could occasionally pour hot water down the drain to keep it clean.

If you the problem still persists, then you better call a trusted 24/7 emergency plumber in South FL like Douglas Orr Plumbing.  He may have to remove the block in your bathroom pipes by cleaning out the main drain.

DIY Ways To Unclog the Kitchen Sink in Your Miami FL Home

Is unclogging the kitchen sink one of the worst nightmares you face on regular basis? Not anymore! Next time, when you encounter such an issue; before you go ahead and look for the best licensed plumber in Dade County FL, try to make good use of some basic household objects or kitchen staples.  You may easily solve the problem.

Listed below are some of the best do-it-yourself tips to unclog kitchen sink easily:
1. Making use of the plunger:
Take out that old kitchen plunger which you haven’t used for ages. Make sure that the plunger covers the opening of the drain completely and all the remaining outlets are plugged properly with wet rags. Hold it and plunge it about 6-7 times with the maximum strength possible.

2. The conventional salt+ baking soda method:
Mix about half cup of salt with half cup of soda and pour it in the drain, leaving it to rest for overnight. Next day, pour down about 2 cups of boiling water and you are good to go.
3. To prevent any such occurences in future, make sure you avoid pouring any of the food wastes in the sink or pouring down the kitchen oil to the maximum possible extent. Even when you are not facing any such issue, making use of vinegar and baking soda is a good way to maintain the sink drains so that they keep functioning smoothly. Another simple yet effective tip is to pour boiling water once in a while in your kitchen sink to keep it out of clogging.

Now, if you’ve tried these DIY tips to unclog your kitchen sink and the problem isn’t resolved, it’s time to call your licensed 24/7 emergency plumbers in Miami Florida today.


Drain Cleaning Plumber in Fort Lauderdale Also Repairs Drains

Before hiring a drain cleaning plumber in Fort Lauderdale to repair your drain, consider using one of these four methods to clear your clog. These are especially handy  when drain clogs are an emergency and you want to reduce the costs of an emergency plumber. After you have cleared the clog you can call the plumbing professional to repair the drain.

When cleaning a drain, there are four simple, at-home methods to use. The first is to use a powerful drain cleaner to try to dissolve the clog. The second is to try homemade remedies. The third is plunging the clog. The fourth method is manually snaking the drain.

When using a drain cleaner, simply follow the instructions printed on the label. These will vary depending on the brand and properties of the drain cleaner you are choosing to use.

One popular homemade remedy involves putting ½ a cup of baking soda, followed by ½ a cup of baking soda down your drain. After three hours, you should run cold water. Another home remedy, good for when oil clogs a drain, uses ½ a cup of salt, and ½ a cup of baking soda. Then, pour one teakettle of boiling water down the drain and allow it to sit overnight.

Another option is plunging the clog. This will only work if all areas of the drain vent system are covered with a wet cloth. Then, fill the basin or shower with enough water to cover the plunger. After firmly plunging several times, try jerking the plunger upward. If you were successful, this should dislodge water. If you were not, try the process again.

If you need to use an auger, choose the right size for your drain. For the majority of bathroom and kitchen sinks, the proper size will be a ¼ of an inch thick. Then, place the end of the drain snake in the drain. Crank the handle of the auger to loosen the wire, and allow to slide down the drain trap. If you come into contact with the clog, move the auger back and forth to loosen the clog.

After you have successfully cleared the clog, inspect the drain to see if it is damaged. If the drain is damaged, call your local plumbing professional in Broward County to repair the drain.

Plumber Repair Costs in Miami Vary From Project to Project

Plumber repair costs in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach vary depending on the job. There are two factors that go into any plumbing job. The first factor is the cost of materials that must be used for the plumbing repair. The second factor affecting the cost of a plumbing job is the hourly cost of labor for the plumber. These two costs added together will make the total plumbing cost.

There are many repair tasks that plumbers may complete around a home. Common tasks that plumbers may complete include repairing a leaking pipe, repairing a slab leak, or repairing water or sewage lines underneath a home. With such a wide range of tasks varying in complexity, which may be completed around a home, the average cost of plumbing repair may vary.

The average cost to repair a leaking pipe ranges from $100 to $200, and may take 2 hours or more. The cost of materials for this job will include those for mountings, fittings, and other hardware. The rest of this cost will be determined by the price of labor.

The average cost to repair a slab leak is high. It can cost $1,000 or more, depending on the size of the leak, how easily the leak is detected, and how long it takes to repair the slab leak. However, this cost may be covered partially, or in full, by some kinds of homeowner’s insurance. The longer it takes to repair the leak, the more costly it may be, because a slab leak can potentially cause structural damage to your home.

The average cost to repair water lines depends on whether it is a main water line or not. This can be $500 for smaller lines, but as much as $2,000 or more for main water lines. The average cost to repair sewer line main is significantly higher, at $1,200 for small jobs, and up to $4,000 or more for larger jobs.

There is no average estimate for plumber repair costs in Broward, Miami-Dade, or Palm Beach Counties. With so many different jobs, and many different contractors, it is best to first call around for estimates before choosing a plumber to complete your job.

Plumbing Supply Stores in West Palm Beach Pleasing

Plumbing supply stores in West Palm Beach exist to meet the needs of plumbers, individuals looking to complete do-it-yourself projects, and homeowners contracting with plumbers. When purchasing plumbing supplies, one might be confused as to where to buy them, and what to look for.

First, when purchasing plumbing supplies, it is important to understand what supplies are needed for the task at hand. Many projects require access to tools, parts, and equipment, which can often be found at either a large, do-it-yourself store, or a smaller retailer, which may cater specifically to plumbing needs. Ensuring you can buy all the supplies you need in one place will save many trips.

You also might want to consider whether you need advice in buying plumbing supplies. When buying pipes, septic systems, or other plumbing needs, it may be necessary for you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different options. If you go to a plumbing supplier who has knowledgeable staff, they may be able to guide you in making the best decision.

Finally, you should consider the policies of the store you are purchasing from. If you purchase an item in bulk, will you receive a discount? Also, does the store have a return policy? When purchasing supplies for a specific job, such as piping in your home, you may not end up needing all of the parts that you have purchased. If you cannot return the unused product, you will have wasted money. Additionally, if you do not buy enough, you will have to spend gas to return to the store. If you do not have a vehicle large enough to haul your product, such as in the case of bathroom showers, you also may want to consider whether or not the store will deliver your product to you. You should also ask if they charge additional fees for this service.

When choosing a plumbing supply store in Palm Beach County, you should consider if they allow you to rent equipment.For example, when trying to unclog a drain, it may be more cost effective to rent equipment to clear the clog, rather than spend hundreds to purchase it yourself.

Is Bathroom Sink Plumbing in Miami For the DIY-er?

Bathroom sink plumbing in Miami can be an easy task for both experienced and novice individuals looking to complete a do-it-yourself project. This can include tasks such as snaking the bathroom sink drain to clear clogs, taking apart the plumbing to find lost objects such as rings, or even installing a new bathroom sink to match your bathroom décor. These tasks can be done easily and simply, with plumbing supplies, parts, and equipment bought or rented from your local plumbing store.

When clearing a clog, it can be easy to become discouraged if Dran-o or other expensive clog-clearing substances do not work. However, it is still possible to snake the drain. You can often find all the drain snake sizes you may need at your local plumbing or hardware store. If snaking the drain does not work, then consider renting a motorized drain clearing machine which will simply remove even the toughest of clogs.

It is not uncommon for wedding rings, earrings, and other sentimental items to be lost down bathroom sinks. Rather than panicking, consider taking apart the plumbing under the sink to check in the U-trap. This can easily be done using plumbing tools, such as ratchets and wrenches. If your toolbox is lacking the sizes you need to complete this task, consider looking at your local hardware or plumbing supply store. The knowledgeable staff members that are often on hand will be able to help you find the tools that you will need for the job. Before looking for tools, ensure you know the proper sizes of your pipes, especially if they are not of standard fit.

Unless you are rerouting your entire bathroom’s plumbing system, installing a bathroom sink can also be an easy task. When installing a bathroom sink, first ensure that you have all the wrenches and other necessary equipment that you need. Then, the bathroom sink will easily be able to attach into any plumbing system.

Rather than paying a professional plumber for simple tasks, it can be more cost-effective to complete the job yourself if you like do-it-yourself projects. However, if working with tools is not your best skill, consider hiring a plumbing professional in Miami-Dade County for your bathroom sink plumbing problems.

Plumbing Logos in Fort Lauderdale Key to Customer Recognition

Plumbing logos in Fort Lauderdale are the instantly recognizable item that people identify with the company and its services. Before a consumer even reads the wording on the side of the truck, the logo transfers images into the memory of the customer. Designing and displaying a corporate logo is an indication of company awareness in the marketplace.

A logo is the opportunity to sell services in a graphic way. Some people are audible learners, some are experiential learners and some are visual learners. Visual learners intuitively study and memorize a logo for the characteristics of the business it represents.

When designing your personal company logo, consider your focus of the company energy. Does your company like to remodel bathrooms? Are industrial water treatment systems what make your heart go pitter-patter? Perhaps your favorite option as repiping old sewage systems to make them function as new again.

Your logo should reveal some of this aptitude and ambiance. If you enjoy remodeling bathrooms, your logo should have a water drop, or a very modern shower perhaps, incorporated in the logo. If water treatment facilities are your favorite project, maybe a waterfall that flows into a pristine river would be the appropriate symbol for your company.

Create a bold, impressionable design. This is the time to grab attention. Use clean, sparkling images that attract both the eye and the imagination. Pick bright colors with contrast, as opposed to muted tones or pastels. Find an image that transfers well to black and white and has crisp edges. Do not put so much design into the logo that it appears cluttered, sparse is better than overdramatic. Give the consumer the opportunity to follow their meandering thoughts back to your company and what you can provide for them.

Your logo is the first impression a customer receives about your product and services. Your plumbing logo in Broward County is your signature image that builds trust with your consumer.

Miami Plumbing School and Plumbing License Requirements

Florida plumbing license requirements are set by the towns or counties in which the license is granted. In Florida, unlike some other states, the contractor and the plumber both are required to be licensed. The contractor receives his/her license from the state, but the plumber is licensed by the town or county. The plumber must hold an individual license even when working for a contractor who holds a state plumbing contractor’s license. Miami plumbing school requirements differ from contractor requirements.

Licensed Contractor Requirements

A contractor, in Florida, is someone who demolishes, builds or improves a structure for compensation. Any type of building modification requires a contractor’s license, even installing an air conditioner. Two types of licenses are permitted in Florida, a certified license and a registered license, both issued by the state.

The certified license allows work anywhere in Florida, regardless of location.

The registered license limits the contractor to the county or city in which the license is held.

The plumber can be an employee of the contractor or the contractor. A Journeyman or Master plumber must have a local license to perform plumbing in that municipality. Apprentice plumbers do not need a license as they are under supervision of a licensed plumber. Plumbers with a Journeyman or Masters license may work in other regions in Florida if they have a Letter of Reciprocity from the home jurisdiction.

Florida Plumbing Apprentice Programs

Plumbing schools in Florida vary; there are technical schools, builder’s association, the Florida Department of Education, and community colleges. In addition, the Plumbers local 510 union has a 5 year program that entails 2000 hours of on the job training, 216 hours of classroom instruction, and the requirement of passing the plumber’s exams. After 4 years serving as an apprentice with this Union, the apprentice would receive a Miami-Dade County Journeyman plumber license.